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SF7: Slow installs

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  • SF7: Slow installs

    We have some projects that has been converted from SF6 containing a lot of files that takes forever to install, one hour+. Why is that? The building of the installs also takes forever, 20-30 min. Number of files in the projects? About 10000 (8000 wav-files), and the size is about 500 Mb. Built with SF6 the installation process takes 10-20 minutes depending on the hardware, but the building time is more than one hour in SF6.

    The installation process sets of as normal but runs slower and slower. At the end it takes 1 minute to process a 20 kb file. Tried different pc's and it is the same everywhere.

    Have tried to make a new project from scratch, but the problem is the same.

    Any suggestions?

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    Is there any antivirus that could be scanning the files when the install is run? If so have you tried to disable this and run the install again?

    I can run some tests but I am having troubles finding a data set that matches yours (8000+ wav files that total 500Mb).

    Adam Kapilik


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      Yeah, when SUF 7 was first released I and a group of other users experienced slow downs when our anti-virus software was running. They patched the software to fix the issue, but perhaps there was something missed there... My SUF builds go nice and quick now.
      Eric Darling
      eThree Media


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        Be sure to check what version of SUF70 you are using and update it to the current build. We haven't heard of any anti-virus related slowdown for the past few months...
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          Still slow

          The latest update of SUF 7 and Norman AV is installed on the machine. I have tried running the installs without antivirus installed on the machine, but it is still slow. Have also tried different pc's, and it is the same all over the place; slow, very slow. Have also tried a half size installation with only 4500 wav-files, also slow.

          Hardware: Amd XP1800/Epox mainboard/512 Mb Ram/ATI 9200 graphic card/160 Gb hd.

          Installs are slow on Intel-based systems to.

          So I still need some suggestions.


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            Are you installing this from a CD-ROM? If so, you could always try putting your files on the External tab instead of the archive tab.

            Another idea would be to zip up your files into one archive and then just add that zip file to your project. Then include the Zip plugin (included with SUF70) and after installing extract the zip file. This will help if the problem is with installing so many files.

            If you want to mail us a CD-ROM with your wav files zipped up or else provide a download for us we would be glad to try and simulate the problem here in our testing lab.