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Not properly installed when update isn't needed?

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  • Not properly installed when update isn't needed?

    Hello everyone, I have my test program check an ini file for the version (and once it updates it, correct the ini), and it works fine if theirs an update, but if one is not needed it says the program is not properly installed when it should be saying an update is not needed. Do you have any ideas on the cause of this?

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    You must define the current version in the Server file Editor. This latest version should have a version identifier and a single action in the actions tab: Status -> Current version.

    This will solve your issue.

    Adam Kapilik


    • #3
      if I don't want it to take an action if theirs no update, can I just make an entry for the current version with no action? Or, if that won't work, can you suggest any action?


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        If there is no update needed (ie the current version identifier passes) then no actions will be executed, even if you specify one. The only action that should be in your latest version is Status -> Latest Version.

        Adam Kapilik