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Having trouble with True Update 1.0

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  • Having trouble with True Update 1.0

    In Version Identifier I have:

    INI File to read the current version then in action i have Latest Version because its the first version. But now I am needing to update the program. So on the version identifier I changed the Operator to Less Than and compare to 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.0. Then on action I have it to HTTP download. Then I test it out and I get an error saying the program is not installed properly.

    What is my problem? Thanks

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    You need to handle all cases.

    This includes the Less than 1.0.1 and do the http download.

    *And* the equal to 1.0.1 and Latest Update.

    Otherwise if you run it on the 1.0.1 version you will get the message you are currently see.


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      Everytime I try to add the Latest Version() action plus another action i get the error:

      Errors were encountered in the server file:

      ERROR: "1.0.0": You cannot use other actions in the same version as a Latest Version action.

      I have uploaded my server file.uif. So if someone could please take a look at it and correct it for me I would greatly appreciate it.

      Click here to download the .uif


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        With the installed TU1 there are some examples of how to setup a TU1 file. These might be worth looking into. Also there is quite a bit of information in the True Update User Guide (page 97 'Versions Bar' if you are interested)

        Under the "Versions" section you need a 'version' for each set of actions you want.

        So you need a 1.0.0 and a 1.0.1 item.

        I have changed your example and attached it.

        Hope this helps.
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        Last edited by Steven Carr; 03-06-2005, 10:59 AM.


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          Thank you very much Steven. :lol