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Programatically Update to TU 2.0

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  • Programatically Update to TU 2.0


    I am trying to update my clients to TU2 by downloading the update.exe and update.dat from the server, then closing and deleting the currently executing update.exe (Within TU1).

    I am getting a 'TU Client has caused a blah blah you want to send a report to MS' error. I realize I am trying to end a currently running process and then immediately replace it with the downloaded TU2 Update.exe.

    I have closed the update.exe before and then restarted it (on the next line in TU1) to do a 'continue to update until no more updates exist' type loop and it worked fine.

    I think trying to delete the file immediately after closing it is causing the crash. Any ideas? Download a SF package and use it to replace the in-use exe? I know that would cause it to be replaced after a reboot. I was just trying to avoid that.

    Thanks in advance!

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    For those interested, I created a routine in SF7 to replace the running exe and it works great. I am curious how others are approaching the TU1 > TU2 upgrade. Are you just doing the update with SF? Waiting until a new release of your software? Creating a special update just for TU? Did anyone manage to get TU to update itself? (I couldn't.)

    Thanks for any feedback.


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      What we have been doing is this:

      - Include the new TU20 client executable and dat file with the patch for the new version
      - During the TU10 update it downloads the patch, runs it (not waiting for return) and exits.
      - The patch then properly replaces the Update.exe file

      Note that we wtill continue to update the old tu10 server files and will have to for a long time because people may still be using the old client.


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        I assumed it should have been that easy as well... For some reason I couldn't replace the in-use exe even if I didn't wait for return. I think it may have worked if I was aware of the TU2 Application.Sleep action at the time and had waited 10 seconds or so for Windows to really release it.

        At any rate, it works great using SF7 to do the swap...replacing after a reboot if necessary...

        Luckily, we are in more of a controlled arena than you guys are and soon our TU1 will only respond with 'why haven't you upgraded yet'?

        Thanks for the feedback.