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True Update via Policy Director

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  • True Update via Policy Director

    First I am a Newbie in true update.
    I have published an *.uif file on a server. If I enter the IP address in the client file and build the download works.

    However, I have to go through a policy director for an extranet site. I added the variable, %NextDownloadWebFilename% equal only to the file name, by right clicking the http site settings and adding a condition.

    When I try to run the client exe I get an error which say's
    Could not download update information.
    Adding this variable is the only suggestion I see about a redirect in the help file. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the download to work? Or what else may be missing?


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    Hi Jfain,

    The %NextDownloadWebFilename% variable will only be used by TrueUpdate 1.0 if the URL specified in the Download File HTTP action contains invalid characters, it will not be used every time redirection is needed.

    Do you need to specify any proxy settings in order to connect to the Internet? If so you should probably include user configuration support in your update, located on the interface tab of the client configuration utility.

    What does your log file say about this error? The log file is a great tool for debugging your updates.

    You may also want to consider upgrading to TrueUpdate 2.0. TrueUpdate 2.0 has vastly improved Internet capabilities and uses automatic firewall and proxy server detection. A trial version of TrueUpdate is available if you want to test this. The trial version can be found here:
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