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proper way to identify versions?

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  • proper way to identify versions?

    i am using true update to identify which version the user has on his computer, and then to update it accordingly

    well, say i have version 2.5 as the starting software version, and the next version is 2.7.
    for 2.5, i have trueupdate compare file version from registry (%blahblahRegistrylocation%: Version = 2.5)

    so now, how do i get it to correctly identify 2.5 as being a lesser version than 2.7, and then to have the 2.7 patch applied, do i just put the commands in Actions?

    please, any help or walkthroughs would be appreciated, because the documentation for trueupdate seems way inadequate when compared to Setup Factory (btw, the update method of the patches will generally be as .zip files)

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    Re: proper way to identify versions?

    btw, i notice that most posts go unanswered, so if any developers of true update could possibly respond, i would greatly appreciate it


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      Re: proper way to identify versions?

      The method you use ultimately depends upon how you are updating your files. In every circumstance you will be updating the user to the newest version of your product.
      Therefore the first version will be the current version and the action you want to take is the "Latest Version" action in the "Status" section of the actions list. This will simply inform them they have the current release and no action will be taken.

      If you have another version in your release history, you will simply read that registry value on the user's system and then compare it with the Version Identifier value. For example, if the value in the Registry entry = 2.5, then create any actions on the Actions tab you wish to take in that circumstance that will update the user to the current release.

      If you wanted to perform a set of actions to any previous release in order to update them to the newest release, you would have a Version Identifier comparison comparing the Registry value and seeing if it is < 2.7. This is useful in circumstances where you are using a full history patching method.

      Hope that helps.

      Indigo Rose Corporation

      Product Guides: AMS80 | SUF9 | TU30 | VP30 |MSIFACT |DeltaMAX


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        Re: proper way to identify versions?

        thx, i really appreciate it, that helps me understand the process better =-)