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S command line option

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  • S command line option

    Can someone tell me if there is a command line option or any other way that will tell True Update not only to suppress all screens but to also suppress anything appearing on the taskbar. I ask because I have written a shell in vb6 that controls the different True Update .cli files that are availble to our clients and are based on a particular system type(s) that they haved purchased from us (17 possible). In the shell our clients have the option to run the update sliently in which I pass the command line option "/S:0" to the true update executable which effectly suppresses all screens but an item on the taskbar still remains which in this case takes focus away from whatever the client is working on. Our clients have expressed a dislike for this happening. Is there a command line option or any other way to suppress the True Update client from appearing on the taskbar at all???

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    Re: S command line option

    There is no option in there for that right now, however we will certainly consider it for a future release.