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Multiple Versions in One Update

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  • Multiple Versions in One Update

    I have a program that has several pieces to it that may have an update available. For example, I have a price file that is periodically updated, even though the program has not changed. Can I handle this in a single True Update client application?

    I was thinking I could set up a version for each case. So there would be a Version for people with the current price file, and a version for people without the current price file.

    Then it hit me, does TU only process the first version that matches the version identifiers, or can it continue and process additional versions that also match version identifiers.

    As an alternative, it looks like I must distribute 2 separate True Update executables - and this gets to be a size concern.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Multiple Versions in One Update

    OK - I may have figured it out myself. I'm so excited, I thought I would share my findings.

    I built an Update Client that has multiple Server File Locations. In reality, each server file location is an update for a different part of my program. The secret is that I have used the Server File Location Condition to choose which file I am going to use.

    This is done by setting a Registry Value from my application that tells what type of update we will be doing. (i.e. 1 = Program, 2 = Data) Then, the client utility reads the registry variable into a custom variable called %UpdateType%. Since this variable is a condition for each of my Server File Locations, only the Server File Location that has the correct %UpdateType% is used.

    It looks like this will work, and will be a huge benefit.