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Need a 'relative path' ??

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  • Need a 'relative path' ??

    Sorry if this is dumb but just starting, and this software does everything I need it to do so far just cant figure out one thing.

    I am downloading a zip file in my package and putting it in %SrcDir%\%Thisversion%\ - that works fine.

    I want to then copy the files from the directory ABOVE srcdir into a backup directory , and then unzip the download into that directory.

    For example:

    I have a directory called: C:\myapp
    I have a sub dir called: c:\myapp\updates

    update.exe, the trueupdate exe file is in c:\myapp\updates, and this becomes %srcdir%

    I create an for my new version 2.0

    It will download to c:\myapp\updates\2.0\

    I now want to take the files from c:\myapp and copy them to c:\myapp\updates\2.0\backups

    AND I want to unzip the zip file into c:\myapp

    Something like %srcdir%\..\ - but i tried that and it does not work ?

    ANy help is most appreciated.