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what happens if no internet connection

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  • what happens if no internet connection

    I'm a potential user of TrueUpdate - what happens if I check for updates everytime I run the application, but there is not internet connection. Does/could it display a dialog?

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    Re: what happens if no internet connection

    It will tell the user that it could not download the file and tell them to check their Internet connection. The user can also configure TU to automatically create a dial-up connection when it checks for updates.


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      No internet connection on some PC'S

      We have several hundred PC's using TU with out a fault. On a small group, no real relation since they are spread around the country and in different environments, those select few will show the error "no interet connection". The problem is that they have internet connections at that time and the server is up and active. I have set up another link for them to download using a Setup Factory package and there is never a problem doing that. Any thoughts from you brains out there so we can get them back to the ease of TU.