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    Does true update only look for one file or does it look at a whole lot of different files and download any that have a newer version?

    If in only looks at one file, I am assuming that it must be some kind of zip file or an install exe. Does True Update automatically extract/run this file that it downloads?


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    Re: General Questions

    I am not totally clear as to what your question is so I will explain the general concept behind True Update and that should lead to the correct answer.

    There are 2 parts to True Update, the Client and the Server file.

    The Client resides on the users machine and checks a pre-defined location for a Server file. Once that file is found it simply downloads it and runs the commands that are in this file. This is pretty strait foreword.

    The Server file is where the magic is. Basically you define “Version Identifiers” that will determine if an update is needed. If the “Version Identifiers” pass then the actions associated with that version are then executed by the client. So when a new version of your software (or whatever you have distributed) is available you simply modify the Server file (Using the Server file Editor) and replace the old one.

    In the Server file you can use the built in actions such as:
    Download File (HTTP or FTP)
    Execute File
    Modify the Registry
    And too many to list here, to accomplish whatever you need to do to make your distributed app up-to-date.

    I hope that this helps. If not please post back I will take another stab at it.


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      Re: General Questions

      Ok, that helped. Now I have another question. Our program has a lot of different files that need to be downloaded. If we change just one of those files, we don't want to make them download all of them. I understand that we can use Visual Patch to create a file that only contains the modified pieces.

      However, here is my question. What if we make a modification to fileA and create a patch to update it. Then later we modify fileB. If our clients have already downloaded to patch for fileA then we don't want to make them download it again. But, if they haven't then we want them to download both the patch for fileA and fileB.

      Is this possible?



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        Re: General Questions

        Sure. TrueUpdate has the ability to analyse file CRC values, version infromation and even file sizes and the also has actions to download and copy files from the Internet (HTTP or FTP) to the local system. You will find that TrueUpdate is very flexible and you should not have any troubles accomplishing what you are after.

        If you haven't already, please download the evaluation version and feel free to "kick the tires" a bit. You can use the evaluation version to see if it will meet your needs for sure. I personally hate spending money on products that end up not being what I expected. That is why we offer the evaluation versions. You can even email our technical support department for help BEFORE you purchase the product!