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    Does TrueUpdate allow an application to upgrade itself even if the logged in user is running under the User security profile (not a poweruser or administrator) in Windows 2000 or XP? Under this profile the user is not allowed to write to the Program Files directory or HKLM.

    In my situation, the application will originally be installed by an administrator. Then, the user logs in and runs the application, which checks the database (actually a version number stored in the database and checked against a version number in the application) to determine if an upgrade is needed. If needed, the application would kick off TU to change the EXEs and other files. The security profile is preventing this from occuring.

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    I donít know enough about TU to answer your question directly, and this might not apply to your situation, butÖ Make sure that you have exited your .exe and none of the files that are being replaced are currently in use while TU is doing itís thing. Files and .exe canít be replaced while they are in use. Like I said, this probably doesnít apply to your particular situation, but just in case it does, I thought Iíd post.

    If not, hang tight, I imagine one of the people that know more about this program will be able to help you on this matter pretty soon. As late as it is this evening, it might be tomorrow before your answer comes. Good luck!


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      No, TrueUpdate is bound by the permissions of the logged in user. However one thing you may want to look into is "CALCS".

      If you search for it, you will find more information, however here are a couple links:

      Information Link 1

      Information Link 2

      Hope that helps.
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