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  • Confused

    I'm trying to make a simple update where the server only checks the version in the registry of the user's computer and, if the version is <> than the last version, the update is downloaded. After that, the registry value should be changed to the current version number and the downloaded file deleted after execution.
    But, the update only reachs the file execution and don't go beyond that.

    Below is the settings I made. Could someone tell me what is wrong or if it is all wrong (lol)?

    Read from Registry (%CurrentVersion% = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Limbus\Litrax\CurrentV ersion)

    IF (%CurrentVersion% <> 2.2.0)
    Download (FTP) ( -> %ScrDir\Temp)
    Execute (%ScrDir\Temp\litrax.exe)
    Modify Registry (Set Value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Limbus\Litrax - CurrentVersion = 2.2.0)
    Delete Files (%ScrDir%\Temp\litrax.exe)
    END IF

    The process of Modifying the Registry and file deletion are not executed after the file execution, when they should.


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    Do you have the "Wait for program to finish running before continuing" option enabled in your execute action? If not then there could be a problem as you cannot delete a file that is in use (running). Make sure that you turn the error checking to "verbose" and try running your update again. I am not sure why the registry action is not working, perhaps there is a typo or a blank space somewhere in the path? Once again make sure that the error checking is on while you test your update.