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  • clientupdate.ini

    I was just running my TrueUpdate client in debug mode and I noticed that it was attempting to do something with a file called clientupdate.ini.

    The following output appears in the debug window:

    START: Checking for client update file
    Downloading client update file...
    Download failed...
    END: Checking for client update file

    Of course it failed because the file isn't on my server. I haven't found any references to this file in the documentation (although I haven't read it all yet) nor on line. Can someone explain what's going on?

    Rick Teller

  • #2
    The client executable always looks in that location for an update file. This is in place for when you want to update the client.exe file. You should never have to use this feature as changes should be reflected in your server file.

    You do not have to worry about this feature until you need it.