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Sorry I'm a new noob...Everything looks ok

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  • Sorry I'm a new noob...Everything looks ok

    I'm working in the dem oversion. If I can get this to work we will buy.

    I am just trying to update an exe file across our WAN. I have created the client file which points at the UIF I have on our server.

    I configured the server part to look at the "new" exe, with crc..then the action I did was to copy the file over. Then oublished.

    When I run the update it says 'could not download update information

    update information file #1
    file not found

    I have tried various locations for the file, I still get the same error.

    Any help greatly appreciated...

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    I suggest that you go to and open a ticket. Please include a link to your server file in this ticket and I will attempt to connect to it. I can then assess the situation further. The reason that I want to go through the ticket system is in case you have to post sensitive information. If you are comfortable with your files we can proceed on this forum.

    Adam Kapilik