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Update Variable Not Set Properly

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  • Update Variable Not Set Properly

    I've got 4 variable defined in a client configuration file, namely:

    All of these with the exception of the %Developer% variable are simple Registry string values, except %Developer% which has it's "Set variable to "TRUE" if key exists" option checked.

    When the update program runs it is evaluating %Developer% to true when there is no such registry entry.
    Doug Krawec

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    I con't replicate this. What do you have as the default? When I set this up to read a bogus registry value with True if exists it returns the default.

    Adam Kapilik


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      Here's the debug info


      Here's the info in the debug listing. There is NO Developer registry entry for this Main and sub key:

      START: Perform action: Read from Registry
      Variable name = %Developer%
      Default value = FALSE
      Main key = HKEY_CURRENT_USER
      Sub key = Software\Better Built Software\EID
      Value name = Developer
      TRUE if exists = TRUE
      Auto-expand if REG_EXPAND_SZ = TRUE
      (On Error) User notification mode = None
      (On Error) Action = Continue

      SET VARIABLE: %Developer% = FALSE
      SET VARIABLE: %Developer% = TRUE
      SET VARIABLE: %LastErrorNum% = 0
      SET VARIABLE: %LastCommand% = 12
      SET VARIABLE: %LastErrorMsg% =
      SET VARIABLE: %LastErrorDetails% =
      END: Perform action: Read from Registry

      Hope this helps.
      Doug Krawec