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Password Protect/Use Serial No's on an Update?

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  • Password Protect/Use Serial No's on an Update?


    I'd like to be able to password protect or use Serial Numbers on an update to ensure that only those people that have maintenance with us can get the update via TrueUpdate. Is this possible?



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    There is no automatic serial number system built into True Update 1.0. The tough part is making this type of system dynamic so that you can control the users activity dynamically.

    The feature that people have used in the past in True Update is the Internet -> Submit to Web action that can be called when your server file is run. This action can be used to allow your update to send information to any HTML enabled server side script such as PHP, JSP, ASP. You can then develop a system in one of these languages to query a database of your users. Your script then returns a value to True Update. True Update can then abort if the proper value is not returned.

    This is the only option that I can think of off hand to allow dynamic restricted use of the True Update Client.

    Adam Kapilik