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Uninstall Update.

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  • Uninstall Update.

    Hi Guys...

    Well, things have gone really well with our update system, we now have user verification, updates etc installing. Thanks...!

    One final problem...

    Our original install was created with Setup Factory. Our application installs to our application directory... Our uninstall for this automatically removes the files, folders and registry entries.

    Just recently we have had to move our registry locations via a patch (via trueupdate). That works great... There is no uninstall for this patch.

    I would like a way via our patch to change the original installs uninstall. I need to set the patch so that it knows where the new registry locations are to be removed if the original application is uninstalled.

    Man... I hope that makes sense :-)

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    I am not totally clear as to how your project works but in Windows you can access the uninstall data from:

    HKEY_LOACL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall

    I hope this helps.

    Adam Kapilik


    • #3
      Hi Adam,

      Yep, I know that thanks...

      Basically, I need the patch to add to the uninstall procedure instructions on removing registry entries that were not in the initial install.


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        Sorry for the late reply. It is not possible at the current time to modify the registry entries in the uninstall file. You could always run a small stub install to make the changes to the registry. I cannot think of a better workaround at the present moment.

        Adam Kapilik


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          Hi Adam,

          I got around the problem by installing with the same version name. This was cool as the uninstall gets updated with the new info.

          btw... You guys I assume know that Microsoft are adding support in XP SP2 and Windows 2003 SP1 for patches to be grouped under the "master" product. That would be a nice feature to see in the indigorose installer.



          • #6

            Thanks for the heads up about the patch. I am glad to hear that you accomplished your goals.

            Have a great day

            Adam Kapilik