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setting trueupdate ui to foreground

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  • setting trueupdate ui to foreground

    We are running TrueUpdate with command line flags /S:244 which turns off the initial UI panels unless there is an update available. However, if this situation occurs, the True Update UI does not force itself to the foreground. It shows but is not active. If another application occupies the same location on the desktop as the TrueUpdate UI, the "Update Available" dialog is obscured.

    Ideally, TrueUpdate would offer a "SetToForeground" flag which would could be set to true to force TrueUpdate to move itself to the top of the Z-order on the desktop when it shows the first panel of the dialog. In our case, this would be the "Update Available" panel.

    This is not the same as the SetTopMost flag. That flag has the unfortunate side effect of not allowing Message Boxes generated by TrueUpdate to appear over the TrueUpdate UI - instead these Message Boxes go behind the UI.

    Is there some other way to accomplish this (without us writing code on our end to locate the TrueUpdate UI via the Win32 SDK and forcing it to the top) ?


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    There is no built in way to accomplish this at the moment in True Update. I will definitely add this to our suggestions list for a new version of True Update.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Adam Kapilik