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Difference with Setup Factory?

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  • Difference with Setup Factory?


    I'm currently going through the different products available to perform initial (ie. on a bare host) and update (the host already has release 1.0, and I need to have them update automatically, la Yahoo/MSN) installs of a software over the web, and I'm a bit lost at the difference between TrueUpdate and Setup Factory, since they both seem to be able to perform those two operations.

    Could someone tell me which product I should use?

    Thank you

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    Thank you for taking the time to post your question.

    Setup Factory is an install builder. Here are some features in it that set it apart from our other products:

    - Creates single file, self contained executable files.
    - Full install -> uninstall support for files distributed with it
    - Full control over the flow and content of the screens.
    - Runtime modules to help ease the pain of distributing third party technologies such as Visual Basic, MDAC, Jet ect.

    True Update is a software updating system. True Update is very useful for distributing with your initial install (built with Setup Factory) as a way for users to keep their software up to date.

    For example lets say you create version 1.0 of your software. You would use Setup Factory 6 to create the install with full uninstall support, start menu shortcuts and all the normal installer features. You would then include the True Update client that points to your (.uif) file that is stored on a server. Then when users run the True Update client they can check for a new version.

    When the time comes to update your software, you can then adjust the server file to show this. The True Update client will then see this the next time that they are run. You could have True Update download and run a patch created with Setup Factory 6 or Visual Patch.

    I hope this helps.

    Adam Kapilik