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Controlling display of client screens

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  • Controlling display of client screens

    I want to display the "UpDate Cancelled" WizardScreen if a user aborts setup after the file has been downloaded. So I found a way to determine if the user aborts the setup. In the Server File, I then set

    %DisplayUpdateSuccessfulWizardScreen% = FALSE
    %DisplayUpdateCancelledWizardScreen% = TRUE

    The result is that the UpdateSuccessfulWizardScreen is indeed suppressed, but the UpDateCancelledWizardScreen is never displayed.

    Is there a way to force the "UpDateCancelled" screen to be displayed? It seems that once the "UpdatingSoftware" has been displayed, there is no option in the TrueUpdate code path to show any other screen but the "Successful" screen.

    -- James