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    I am having a rough time understanding true update. It looks like no training is available for this product besides the user's guide. Is there any training CD's, sample projects, or advice out there that would help me to get a grasp on True Update?

    We have built an ams project that we would like the ability to update pdf files and other information built into the project. I'm starting to get the idea that Visual patch will be needed here to decrease the size of update, but don't want to pay more $$$ until I have a grasp of how to deliver the update.

    From IR's website I was under the impression that TU was fairly simple, but after spending a few hours reading the TU user's guide I'm still lost. I currently use AMS and setup factory and both have been much easier to learn.

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    Here is a description in my own words that may help:

    True Update is made up of 2 parts the Client side (Client configuration utility) and the server side (Server file editor)

    Client: The client contains the screens as well as languages and knowledge of the location of the server file. Once the client is set up it should not change. The client files are the ones that are actually distributed with your software.

    Server: The server side is simply a list of commands that are interpreted by the client. These commands are organized into "versions" that can be used to determine which state the client files are in. For this version identifiers are used to separate updates. Once the condition in the "version" tab is met then the actions associated with it will be executed by the client.

    So when you make changes to your software you will only have to edit the server file and the rest will be handled by True Update.

    Please feel free to ask me any further directed questions.

    Adam Kapilik