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using %versionfoundName% variable...question

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  • using %versionfoundName% variable...question

    What I want to do
    I want to read out data from the registry and then "copy" it to a new entry in the registry:

    Example of the problem:
    a) I want to read out "Test project 1.0.0/Settings/COMPortSetting" from the registry. This is simply done from the Registry/Variable window by requesting the COMPortSetting value.
    b) This value is then written to the registry to e.g. "Test project 1.0.1/Settings/COMPortSetting" in the System editor. It all works fine...

    So what is the problem?
    The problem is that I don't want to use a absolut paths, so I do in the Registry/Variable (subkey) as follows: %ProjectName% %VersionFoundName% (= "Test project 1.0.0") instead of %ProjectName% 1.0.0 (= "Test project 1.0.0").

    The problem is that %versionfoundName% doesn't seam to be accepted in the subkey line fully out. When

    What to do - this feels like a bug to me?