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Upgrade Pricing for AMS 7?

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  • Upgrade Pricing for AMS 7?

    I just heard from an associate that AMS 7 is out - great! :yes

    I have been an AMS-er since version 2, and I'm up to version 6. Will there be an upgrade price for 7?

    Thanks! Rich
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    I believe that there will be a discount in a 50% range, as usual. But that depends, since now you're getting a one year maintenance + free upgrades in the prize (which are now supposed to be available more often), so the discount might be a bit lower. I guess you'll have to wait up for an official answer from IR sales.
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      Yes - there's an upgrade price - you should login to your IR customer account, where you'll find a list of all the products you own. Just click the upgrade link to get your upgrade price.
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