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Auto-Size for Slider Plugin > Display corruption

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  • Auto-Size for Slider Plugin > Display corruption

    If you enable autosize for the slider plugin and maximize or minimize the appwindow (I used resize right) you see the contents of the window in the background at the place where the slider is. Not very nice.

    it happens if you just resize the window, too. the bar is moved at the wrong place sometimes or visible multiple times.

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    Yes, there is a definite problem with the slider object and resizing. Trying various combinations, I think that when it is resized (as opposed to moved) when resizing the window, it doesn't redraw properly.


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      Thanks for the report. REF: 16977

      This was actually found and fixed during beta but seems to be broken in the release.

      We'll have this one fixed up soon.

      Adam Kapilik