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Timeline in AMS?

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  • Timeline in AMS?

    Hi everyone,

    Up till now I have been using DemoShield to create multimedia tutorials, but as that program is put to sleep by the developers, I need something new and found AMS.

    What I am missing is the time line, but perhaps I haven't looked in the right place yet. What I would like to achieve is an opening page, showing a little slideshow that starts at say 3 seconds with a duration of 10 seconds, and a little "Skip Intro" button that shows after 4 seconds, plus the opening page automatically proceeding to the Main Menu (page 2) at 13 seconds after page 1 opened.
    All this was easy to do with DemoShield by just putting things in the right place on the timeline. I could move things around over the timeline too.

    Can I do this in AMS7? If so how? Hopefully without scripting!! I have looked in the User Guide, but couldn't find it.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Les,

    There is no timeline in AMS.

    AMS is more like PAGE-based SEQUENCING. And you can also sequence or trigger events within the page as well. There is a page-timer function whenever you need to use it. If you learn some of the AMS script, you can do more exciting interactive tutorials..

    About your project, it can be done without scripting.

    On the 1st page, you can use either SlideShow Object or Flash Object to play your slideshow.

    Then use a Timer Function or the SlideShow OnFinished to jump to the next page or any other page.

    The page can have a skip button.

    I'm attaching an example with zero scripting ( all using the AMS drag'n'drop and choice of clicks ).
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      Thanks for your help!!