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run program inside a frame in menu?

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  • run program inside a frame in menu?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 640x480 flash movie, converted to an exe-file (so no external viewer needed) , which I would like to run inside a menu of 800x600: I would like to create a frame in which the movie should play, triggered by a button.
    I have assigned a quick action to the button : "Run Program" and that works fine: the movie plays. But where can I find a control that the movie should play inside the menu screen. I would like to give the movie about the same behavior as a slide show object: play exactly where I put it on the menu.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers you can give me.


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    The key word you need is embed:
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      Hi Bule,

      Thanks for the quick answer. I'm afraid it's a tidbit too complicated for me though!
      I have zero knowledge of programming / scripting!
      So I hoped there was just a nice AMS drag/drop way of getting my 640x480 exe files to run inside my 800x600 menu, like it was a slide show object.

      Couldn't there be some sort of positioning code to say that the left top corner of the exe-file should run at so many pixels from the left top corner of the menu? That way it would not be embedded, but would have the same effect: play at the position I set it to.

      If any of you smart folks could figure that out for me, I'd appreciate it!

      Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!



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        It is possible to embed it. Has your exe the classical Windows skin? (the top bar and everything?) If yes, it will be shown inside your AMS app and anybody could close it. Or you could just use the Flash object, however this would need the flash player to be installed on the user's computer.

        It is possible as well to show the window on a specific position, but I don't know if his can be set relatively to your main app. Juts as a start, I'd say you should use a loop to get the right window handle, (somebody else should be able to complete my post with thoe complete right code.) Then, it would be

        Window.SetPos(yourwindowhandle, 150, 100);
        yourwindowhandle should be replaced by the number representing your window handle, 150 by the horizontal position (in pixels) and finally 100 with the vertical position, in pixels.

        Sorry, I don't have AMS right now so I'm not able to complete.



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          Thanks for the help!
          Merry Christmas!