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Open categorized files from tree-object?

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  • Open categorized files from tree-object?

    I'm evaluating AMS7 and would appreciate some help. I'm not a programmer and struggling a bit with scripting. I want to produce a cd-menu to open Word-documents that are devided in different categories (about 30). So you click on a file, get information about that file and the opportunity to open it. So it's like a database: each file has a location, name, description and maybe a picture. My idea:

    A) Use a tree-object. So the user click on a category, then it expands and offers several files. If you click on a file a paragraph with some information about that special file shows up and maybe a picture. A button opens that file.

    B) Use ComboBox which is placed above a ListBox. So you can choose a categorie from the ComboBox (e.g. "Invitations") and the ListBox presents some DOCs with that invitations theme. When I click on a file a description is shown.

    Any idea or samples? Thanks in advance - great forum!

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    This is all certainly possible using AutoPlay Media Studio 7.0. The tree object is one of the more advanced objects in the software so you would have to spend some time learning the ins and outs of it.

    The Combo Box / List Box idea would work as well. It may be easier in the end but will still require custom code.

    There are a few decisions to make before any help can be given:

    - Which method of the two listed you will use.
    - How will you store the info about the file? INI file, Text file, SQLite database, Hard coded variables?

    I think once you make some of these decisions and get started you will get more help from this community.

    Adam Kapilik