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should i learn AMS 6 or 7 ??

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  • should i learn AMS 6 or 7 ??

    i used to work with AMS 4. sometime ago, i decided to learn AMS 6, and for a week or two, i started learning it via it's user guides. but then it was the launch of AMS 7, and i stopped.
    my question is, is there a lot of differences in autoplay 7??(according to version 6) i mean if i learn AMS 6, then would i be so familiar with AMS 7?
    will i have any problem working with it ??
    or let me say, IS THERE ANYTHING TOTALLY NEW AND CHANGED ACCORDING TO VERSION 6??? (like the scripting, comparing version 4 and 5!)

    plz help... thanx

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    While there are new features in version 7.0, the fundamentals are the same, so learning version 6.0 will certainly help in using version 7.0.
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      That's what is great about AMS 5, 6, and 7. They all use a "wrapped" LUA Action set.

      Of course with AMS 7 you get some very useful features and UI updates.