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MediaPlayer Balance control

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  • MediaPlayer Balance control

    Hello everyone, How I can control the balance of an audio file L to R using Mediaplayer plugin?

    I hope you can help me, this is something that is breaking my head in my project.
    Thanks ...

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    Ok... Thanks for reply... :yes


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      Don't fell bad..

      I get no reply to from time to time. I dont know how to help you. I'm new to all this to..



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        Oh! ... No problem, I know that when someone in the forum knows solution to a problem help us solve, is perhaps a little anxiety on my part and I apologize for it...
        Thanks JDog37 for reply.... :o


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          Still trying..

          How about I'm still trying to get a new thread posted now for weeks. Two different times I tried they wont post it I don't get it.. Sometimes you get help and others you can't even get a post!!!!


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            Originally posted by medina07 View Post
            How I can control the balance of an audio file L to R using Mediaplayer plugin?
            To me it seems that you can't. The plugin doesn't feature a visual slider for setting the balance, and there is no method implemented to set this property through scripting.



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              Why not try SliderEx Object Plugin???


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                I think he means that there is no way to set the audio on one channel (or to balance it) with this plug-in, I think it is not possible too. The slider is only a plug-in used in AMS. It is not build to "work with" WMP plug-in. I don't think this plug-in is the good option. I would use a dll or the system api to do the job like some system use independent audio channel like 5.1 that propose to change volume for each channel...

                I don't think that it will help, but I hope you'll be able to get on the good track



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                  Use a DLL to change the master balance of the system.


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                    Ok guys, thanks for the responses, try using a DLL as suggested by Eliminator and Dimensio.
                    I think it is the only option.

                    Thanks... :yes