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Error 9999 code (Unknown Error)

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  • Error 9999 code (Unknown Error)

    I'm putting a ProShow Producer show in one of my projects. When I click the play button, I get the error code, but the show comes up and plays anyway and when it's done, there's the error code dialog box!
    I've tried different attributes and folders within the project's folder, but no matter where I place the show, or whether it's multimedia, program, or video, it does this. The little Photodex Presenter installs, the show runs nicely, then when finished, the error box is still there. Just a small annoyance I'd like to get rid of if anyone has any ideas???

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    Error code 9999

    To fix it just install the latestest release of 7.5 version The first 7.5 release show this code in running my application I just install the latest release and error disapper.


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      getting same errors

      I'm getting the same errors. "unknown error 9999" and driving me crazy. I learned how to build the apps and most of the basic things but when I preview/test or build it, I get these on most items that open. It's like everything works fine but this program insists on adding the annoying error messages to ruin the quality of the applications. I've got v7.5 but possibly not the last update, I'll check for it. If anyone has any ideas of cures please message me. Thanks


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        You need version 7.5.1008. IT fixed my problem with error code 9999
        Did you purchase through a reseller?
        If you purchased through a reseller other than cleverbridge, you'll have to register your product's serial number before you can access this portal.

        Once you register login and get the lastest uodate. Asumming for still in the Support and maintenance plan