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    Hello Indigorose forums !
    I have a question :
    If we can create games, what type of game can we create in AMS ? And how I do it ?
    Thank you
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    Game in AMS ?

    If we can create games, what type of game can we create in AMS ? And how I do it ?


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      Game Creation

      Hey Nico. Good to see ya again, it's been a while. I haven't been playing on Xbox Live in ages.

      As far as your question goes, I think you would need to be a little more specific about what you're asking.

      You would really need to know what kind of game you would like to create. If you're after creating a First Person Shooter (like COD4) or Strategy game (like Supreme Commander which incidentally uses lua for object and element properties in the game and why I find it so easy to mod) you probably want to turn toward a C++, Python or some other language like that. At the very least, if you want to use AMS, you will have to incorporate other features of the lua language not native to AMS. The main problem with that method is the fact that AMS is not(currently) lua 5.1 compatible .

      I'm not entirely sure about DirectX or OpenGL integration into AMS or if it is even possible. That would be a question for the staff probably or someone more knowledgeable about game graphic library use .

      There are several visual game IDEs out there like FPS Creator from The Game Creators. These guys actually have a lot of different game making software like Dark Basic and other tools as well.

      Torque Game Engine is another option but is a bit more code-intensive and not so user-friendly as FPS Creator.

      Remember, people go to school for years to learn aspects of game programming and a great game is not likely to just fall together. Here is a good start point if you are really interested in making a game.

      Also, there are a few game examples in the forums but you'll have to search them out. They are 2D games as I recall and were not that complex (compared to games like Rome: Total War).

      Good luck to you.

      EDIT: Check out LuaPlus. It is designed to be more C++ compatible and it looks like you can script animations with it.
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        Ok, thanks you for you fast answer, are they any app for code Lua Plus, and how can I export...
        Excuse me for my bad explication


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          You would have to read up on it .


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            Wow Arvoch is a nice game hehe.

            *Made in DarkBasic
            Bas Groothedde
            Imagine Programming :: Blog

            AMS8 Plugins
            IMXLH Compiler


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              Tryout Ricochet Infinty ( and you'll see it's possible to make it in AMS (with less animations and something else, of course).
              Time ago i was thinking to make a free game similar to ricochet but i don't have much time for building it (other projects in progress).