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  • SQLite Database with Report Generator

    I am developing a program for a non-profit youth wrestling club. Thanks to TJ_Tigger and TiggTv, along with many great examples in the Forum, I am finished creating my database table structure and am ready to begin writing my code.

    I have Worm's PDFOut.dll example and am thinking this is the best solution for generating the formatted reports I will need to create. The problem is that I don't understand how to bring the two together. Does anyone have a completed project they are willing to share that demonstrates how to create formatted reports using queried data from an SQLite database and the PDFOut.dll? I would like to spend time reading through the code and learn how to pull it all together and apply it to my project.

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    I haven't done much with the PDFOut.dll that Worm built but I have built reports in a webpage for a sales tool I built for a friend. She wanted to track customers and their purchases as well as instock inventory. If you have the table structure ready to go I would suggest you visualize how you want to display the data and we can assist with code to publish your report. Querying the data should be straight forward. The biggest thing is to identify how to display it. Let me see if I can find that project and maybe I can post it.

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      David REMD

      I have not used Worm's PDFOUT.DLL either...

      Report generation has been pretty much a void in AMS. I use PDFCreator ( ) which basically establishes the PDF function as a printer on your system.

      TJ_Tigger's webpage concept seems like a great alternative as well.

      For reporting, I Page.Jump("BlankPage") and format my report on a separate AMS page then Page.Print() and when the system printer dialog appears I direct the report to the PDFCreator or optionally, directly to a printer...kind of archaic but it's gotten me over the hump for my reporting requirements.

      I'm also interested to see TJ_Tigger's post, since report formatting has always been a tedious chore...