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video play help....any ideas?

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  • video play help....any ideas?

    I have a video that I've setup on a page for the user to play. The problem is that the video is just a black box. Is there any way to make it display the frame of the video that it is set to start on?

    I tried to capture the screen and then lay it over the video player in AMS but it lays the player on top no matter what in runtime play. I inserted the picture over the black box of the player and i was going to have a script that turned the image off when the user clicked the play button. As I mentioned this won't work because it automatically puts the video on top of the image even though I've set it for "TOP" with the object "arrange" feature.

    Any suggestions?


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    Figured it out....

    OK, I figured this out...although in my case the solution creates another problem.

    I used the on show action to automatically start the video with the audio.start function and the immediately paused the video with the audio.pause function.

    This displays the first frame of the video instead of just a black box.

    My only problem now is that I was using the "on play" action to stop the back ground music. This way when the user clicked on the video to start playing it they could hear it because it immediately turned the background music off.

    This is not going to work any other ideas for getting the background music to shut off when the user plays the video??

    p.s. "on click" does not work...AMS does not recognize the player buttons only the video area itself.


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      set your video NOT to autostart.
      Use the video's "Onstop" "onpause" "on play"actions to control the audio.