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AMS 7.5 plugins-free PDF Object-where can this plugin be found?

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  • AMS 7.5 plugins-free PDF Object-where can this plugin be found?


    I am using AMS 7.5 and wondered where I can download the free PDF Object plugin for AMS 7.5? I have searched and cannot find any IR plugin download link.

    Thank you for your kind help.

    Best Wishes,

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    I do not remember that there ever was a PDF object for AutoPlay Media Studio 7.5, but I could be wrong, this is very old software, and I no longer have it installed.

    In AutoPlay Media Studio 8, the display of PDF files was provided with the help of the Adobe Acrobat ActiveX control, and if this specific product is not installed on the target system, then the PDF file could not be directly displayed on the page or dialog. With the help of external PDF viewers, such as Foxit Reader (from 10 years ago) or SumatraPDF, you could display PDF documents without needing to install software, you could just bundle the viewer as part of the AMS application and call it at runtime.

    Now in AutoPlay Media Studio 8, you have also the option to use the Edge WebView2 control, and display PDF documents natively, without the need for Adobe Acrobat or external readers. Like Edge and Chrome, the WebView2 control has the ability to render PDF documents natively without the need for add-ins or an ActiveX control. It is known that the rendering engine in Chrome/Chromium does not have the full features of Acrobat, for example documents with lots of layers may not display correctly - for these specific cases you will need to rely on desktop versions of Acrobat. In most cases, however, the Chromium rendering engine is perfectly suited for the proper display of documents. The Edge WebView2 is also much smaller in size than the Acrobat software package. Here is just a sample screenshot of my demo application which I use to test the features of the object plugin:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	SCRN-2022-01-22-01.png Views:	0 Size:	266.2 KB ID:	308039

    You have a license for AutoPlay Media Studio 8, so you can get the object plugin for free, even if your maintenance expired a long time ago and you are not using the latest version. The plugin comes with a dependency module, which will deploy the WebView2 component if not found on the target system. If interested, please look here and here for further information on the matter.



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      Thank you, Ulrich, for this information and suggestions. (also sent you a message with more details)
      Best Wishes,