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  • Text editor question

    Hello all.

    I am using AMS 7.5

    I have searched through the forum with such terms as "Text Editor" and more..
    I did find several posts, however none seemed to cover what I am about to ask....sorry if I missed one..

    The project is a simple on I think, however I cant find the information needed to bridge the gap in my knowhow..

    I would like to create a simple text editor, if possible something that will allow changes in text styles, like bold and font sizes, if possible a spell checker..

    I would like to be able to have a list of chapters and to be able to add and remove them.

    I can complete all I need by using a text box, add chapters and save file etc, all this is fine..

    I have been looking at alternative editors like CKEditor which I can open samples into a web object but I have no idea how to get a chapter loaded from a file into the CKEditor, and no idea how to get the edited text out of the editor for me to save?

    hope this makes sense...

    any and all advice welcome

    Kind Regards