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Automating and AMS Build with AutoIt... Some problems...

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  • Automating and AMS Build with AutoIt... Some problems...

    Hi there,

    I've posted about this in the past, but I needed a way to automate and AMS build. Since it couldn't be done from the command line I created an AutoIt script, which works well on my test machine. I found the AutoIt idea while searching the archives.

    So, now to move this to our software/installation compile machine. I installed and older AMS (version 6.0 - I know, get with the times, but we haven't really had the need). Now, keep in mind that everything is fine on my test machine. When I try to simply build my project through the UI, I receive the following message...

    ERROR: Could not copy plugin file "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0\Plugins\Actions\Service\Service.lmd"
    The AutoIt script works fine too up to this point.

    If I run AMS UI as administrator, the issue does not occur. The PlugIn is set to be included in the project file. I thought maybe it was directory permissions or something, but changing various permissions had no effect. So you may ask, just run the program as administrator.

    Well, that is where the AutoIt problem comes in. I'm getting mixed results running the script when AMS is set to launch as administrator. It just starts AMS and doesn't proceed any further.

    Also, it seems to take forever for AMS to load when set to launch as Admin.

    I think if I can figure out the above mentioned error, I'll be in good shape!

    Can anyone help.

    Again, sorry for posting here while using the old version, but I'm hoping something applies in a backwards compatible fashion.

    Thanks in advance!!