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Pls. Help with ZIP Extract + File Run + Del. Temp

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  • Pls. Help with ZIP Extract + File Run + Del. Temp

    -- The temp directory (in this case we are using the built in variable
    -- _TempFolder, however you can choose whatever directory you like)
    sTempDirectory = _TempFolder .. "\\";

    -- Extract to the temp directory- test.dat is the zip change to .dat and pass = pass
    Zip.Extract("AutoPlay\\Docs\\test.dat", {sFile}, sTempDirectory, false, false, "pass", 0, nil);

    File.Run("I_file", sTempDirectory .. sFile);

    -- Delete the image from the temp directory
    File.Delete(sTempDirectory .. sFile, false, false, false, nil);

    Wat is the correct code???
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