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Using the Status Dialog Window

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  • Using the Status Dialog Window

    In AutoPlay Media Studio, it is possible to display a status dialog window to your user using built in actions. This is useful if, for example, your application uses a loop that takes quite a bit of time to complete.

    As an example, we will create a loop that counts to 20,000, and display a status window letting the user know the status of the count:

    1. Create a button object, and add the following code to its On Click event:
          --set the minimum and maximum values
          minimum_value = 0;
          maximum_value = 20000;
          --Status dialog window settings
          --show the status dialog window
          --set the title
          StatusDlg.SetTitle("Counting from " .. minimum_value .. " to " .. maximum_value);
          --set the range of the meter
          StatusDlg.SetMeterRange(minimum_value, maximum_value);
          --counting loop
          --set the loop control variable
          loop_control = minimum_value;
          --while the loop control variable is less than or equal to the maximum value
          while loop_control <= maximum_value do
             --set the meter position to the loop control variable
             --set the status text to reflect the current number
             StatusDlg.SetStatusText("Currently Counting . . . (" .. loop_control .. " of " .. maximum_value .. ")");
             --increment the loop control variable
             loop_control = loop_control + 1;
    The above code when run will count to 20,000, and display a status dialog showing the progress of the loop.