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Submitting Information to a Web Site

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  • Submitting Information to a Web Site

    AutoPlay Media Studio has a built in function to send data to a website and receive a response: HTTP.Submit.

    To submit information to a website, use the HTTP.Submit action. Please note that you have to develop a server script to accept whatever information you are sending to the web.

    HTTP.Submit takes the response from your server script and stores it in a string.

    One possible implementation of this would be as follows:

    1. Develop a script that can accept whatever data you wish to pass to it from AutoPlay, and returns some value.
    2. Use the HTTP.Submit action to submit your data to your script (located on your web server).
    3. Process the returned string.

    This is a very involved implementation of AutoPlay Media Studio. You will have to coordinate with your website developer to decide upon an implementation plan.