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Setting Page Transition Effects

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  • Setting Page Transition Effects

    AutoPlay Media Studio includes a Page Wipe transition. Instead of simply jumping from one page to the next, and having one page disappear and the next appear, this transition 'wipes' from one page to the next.

    To accomplish this, use page transitions:

    1. In the Property Inspector for the page, change the Transition field from None to the transition that you desire. Now on a page jump or page navigate from that page, the wipe transition will be used.

    The transition does not affect some objects, such as web, listbox, etc. To use the transitions on pages containing these objects, do the following:

    1. Take a screen capture of the fully rendered page that you want to transition to.
    2. Insert this screen capture as a large image on the page that you want to transition to.
    3. Set all of the objects' visibility to false, and the image's visibility to true.
    4. In the On Show event of this page, show all of the objects, and hide the image.