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ToolBar Object Plugin

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  • ToolBar Object Plugin

    This is a new object plugin that creates professional looking toolbars with few lines of actions
    With this plugin ; you can create great tooltips for your AMS applications
    You can make various toolbar styles. Like: Vertical ,Horizontal , Multi Row
    And More ...

    Features :

    • Plugin May Create Professional Looking ToolBars With Few Lines Of Actions
    • Plugin May Create ToolBars In Lots Of Styles Like: Classic , Flat , ColorFul ,Raised And More
    • With Advanced Properties Dialog You Set Most Of Properties At Design Time
    • Large And High Quality Icon Support With 32Bit Windows Icons
    • Button Marker Support ,You Can Mark Some Buttons For Inform User
    • Separator Support With Horizontal And Vertical Orientation
    • Gradient And Plain Button Background Color Support
    • Gradient And Plain Background Color Support
    • Gradient And Plain ToolTip Background Color Support
    • Border Style Support With 5 Border Style For ToolBar Buttons
    • Border Style Support With 5 Border Style For ToolTips
    • Border Style Support With 4 Border Style For ToolBar
    • Vertical And Horizontal Orientation Support
    • Multi Row Support With Auto Size Detect
    • It has 44 Actions
    • It has 4 Object Events
    • And Much More...

    ScreenShot :

    Please Click Here To View A ScreeShot

    More Info & Download:

    Please Click Here To Read More Info And Download A Trial Verison

    Comments And Suggestions Are Welcome :yes

    Thanks . Is Closed.

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  • #2
    very handy :yes

    any plan for a split toolbar button for dispalying a menu ?


    • #3
      Originally posted by MicroByte View Post
      very handy :yes

      any plan for a split toolbar button for dispalying a menu ?
      Yes that would be possible
      thanks. Is Closed.

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        Another Great Job From Reteset
        Thanks Alot


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          very nice.


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            This makes a great companion for ListBoxEx. See attached image. You can make it look likes it's all one object. Great for allowing the user to add, edit, delete, filter the list etc.

            By the way, the fixed header is done using a separate ListBoxEx with one item. Very easy to do.
            Last edited by Dermot; 11-14-2009, 10:33 PM.

            I am so out of here :yes