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  • Math Actions Plugin

    There is a new plugin at my site. I had a few minutes and built a small library to expand the existing Math object with some new functions. Specifically, with this plugin you will be able to perform bitwise operations (not, and, or, xor, shift) on decimal numbers. It also adds a function to show decimals as hexadecimals. These are the new functions that are added to Math:
    • Math.Not(number Num);
    • Math.And(number Num1, number Num2);
    • Math.Or(number Num1, number Num2);
    • Math.Xor(number Num1, number Num2);
    • Math.RShift(number Num, number Bits);
    • Math.LShift(number Num, number Bits);
    • Math.NumberToHex(number DecValue);
    The plugin is available as part of the current "Utilities" pack for AutoPlay Media Studio, or as an individual installer (which works with all products).
    You can get it here.


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    thanks ulrich by this GREAT tool!

    Its very useful to use in electronic applications, connect to circuit boards and send pure data to the microcontrollers, or simulate circuits and compare with results...

    I now can interface VERY EASY! for example a 128 relays board using the parallel port and calculate in one simple function the movements and on/off state

    Thanks, I ever used C for interface because AMS don't include it, one raeson (more) for move!