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RTF-Object: Auto-detect URLs not working?

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  • RTF-Object: Auto-detect URLs not working?

    Hello. I enabled auto-detect URLs and they are colored as link but if I click on them nothing happens. Do they work for everyone else?
    And e-mails are not converted to mailto: links.

    I use WinXP SP2 with Bootcamp on my iMac.

    (btw: is it possible to change the link colors?)
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    Hi SonG0han,

    From the docs:
    "Automatically detect URLs in the object text. This means URLs will be shown as hyperlinks and will fire the RichText object's On Link event when they are clicked on."

    What you need to do is add code to do what you want from the link. It basically just fires the event, so you would need to add the required action from there.

    As for the color of the links, no I'm sorry, it is not possible to change that color.


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      I have to take a closer look at the manual... sorry. :o
      Thank you for the quick response.

      I hope it will be possible to change the link colors in the future. It's hard to read sometimes (blue link on blue backgrounds).

      And it would be great if you could add support for email links ([email protected]).
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        Thanks for the suggestions. REF: 17169.

        If you weren't aware, you can currently use mailto:[email protected] to fire the event as well.


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          Hi! This is very old... but the problem with the linkcolor still exists in v8. (blue links hard to read on dark backgrounds) :(
          Does anyone know a workaround to change colors or does it work somehow in AMS 8?


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            Hello, I have the same problems, what code i must to put there to open hyperlink urls (websites)? Thx