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New Features in Setup Factory 8.0

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  • New Features in Setup Factory 8.0

    Setup Factory 8.0 includes hundreds of improvements since v7.0 was released. There are dozens of little productivity boosting gems and tons of enhancements that make this major new version better than any other. Pretty much every area of the product has been touched in some way to make it better. We even spruced up the award winning visual IDE to make it both more attractive and more functional.

    Here are a few features that really stand out...

    NEW! Visual Dialog Editor
    One of your most asked for features is finally here. You now have the freedom to create your own custom dialogs from scratch! Start off with an empty wizard dialog and then drop whatever controls you require onto it. Resize them, reposition them, call script code and much more. It's fully featured and totally visual. When one of the built-in dialogs doesn't get you where you want to go, the new visual dialog editor is sure to fit the bill.

    NEW! LZMA Data Compression
    With Setup Factory 8.0's new high performance LZMA data compression, you'll see remarkably smaller installers as well as faster installation performance than ever before. Compared to Setup Factory 7.0, our test results show up to 300% better compression performance and up to 20% faster installation speed. You'll be able to fit more on each CD/DVD (that's a potentially huge manufacturing cost savings) and reduce your bandwidth for Internet distributed installers (that saves both you and your customers time and money). Additionally, customers will notice that your installers finish faster - and that means happier customers!

    NEW! Custom Setup Icon and Version Resource Info
    You can now change the embedded setup.exe icon as well as the embedded version resource information (comments, product version, company name, product name, description, trademark, copyright etc.). While other installers force you to display their branding to your customers, Setup Factory 8.0 gives you the freedom to brand your installer however you see fit.

    NEW! Automatic Authenticode Signing
    It's never been faster or easier to "codesign" your installer executable. Authenticode signing is incredibly important for both Internet downloads and Vista compatibility. Simply point Setup Factory 8.0 to your certificate and private key files, give it the description information and it will automatically sign your setup.exe during the build process.

    NEW! Support for Files Larger Than 2GB
    Are you distributing massive data files? Setup Factory 8.0 is up to the challenge. While many installers will choke on files larger than 2GB in size, Setup Factory 8.0 sails right on through. In fact, with our new LZMA data compression, you'll also get dramatically better compression ratios and lightning fast installs.

    NEW! Updated for XP SP3, Vista, Server 2003 SP2 and Server 2008
    Build your installer with Setup Factory 8.0 and relax. We've included all of the latest OS detections, automatically populated built-in variables with the latest "popular" folder locations (e.g. CommonDocumentsFolder, MyMusicFolder, MyPicturesFolder, MyVideosFolder) and built-in the smarts so your installer will work on the newest operating systems as well as legacy systems all the way back to Windows 95. Ask the competition if they can do that...

    NEW! Custom Error Handling Events
    Sometimes things go wrong during install or uninstall. Perhaps the user doesn't have the correct system requirements, or is missing a required application. With Setup Factory 8.0 you can either let the installer handle it with intelligent defaults, or you can now trigger script code thanks to the new "On Install Error" and "On Uninstall Error" events. These events are fired when an error occurs during the setup or uninstall, allowing you to handle it in a custom way.

    NEW! More Script Actions than Ever
    Setup Factory 8.0 now comes with over 360 high level functions (actions) for use in your installer scripts. That's 40+ more than in v7.0. We've built in some real goodies too, such as the new MSI action library.

    NEW! Latest Technologies Runtime Dependency Modules
    In addition to the classic modules like Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, DCOM, JET and MDAC – Setup Factory 8.0 now includes easy-to-use runtime dependency modules for the newest and most popular technologies like .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, SQL Express 2005, Visual C++ 2008 and Windows Installer 3.1 v2.

    NEW! Plays Well with Source Control
    For those of you who prefer to keep your Setup Factory project files in a source control system, we've made it possible to turn off the recording of file time, statistical data, and version information inside the project file. This makes it much easier to add Setup Factory 8.0 project files to source control and not trigger immaterial "changes."

    NEW! Stand Alone Script Editor
    Setup Factory 8.0 now includes the Indigo Rose Script Editor application. This new stand-alone program allows you to edit your installer scripts outside of the Setup Factory 8.0 IDE. Includes support for syntax highlighting, intellisense code completion and help file integration. Simply run "IRScriptEditor.exe" from the Setup Factory 8.0 program folder.

    NEW! 64 Bit Windows
    There is now a new global variable that returns the location of "_ProgramFilesFolder64" as well as session variables for locating "%ProgramFilesFolder64%" and "%CommonFilesFolder64%."

    NEW! Keep Uninstall Window on Top
    Often requested! There is now an option on the uninstall settings called "Always on top". This will force the uninstall window to stay on top of all other windows on the desktop.

    NEW! Extensive MSI Action Library
    For when you want your Setup Factory 8.0 "script" installer to interact with "MSI" installers like Indigo Rose's MSI Factory. These new actions leverage the Windows Installer service technology on the user's system. They make it easy to query the state of products, features and components on the user's system that were installed with a MSI Windows Installer package.

    NEW! 100% Import of Setup Factory 7.0 Projects
    Upgrading to Setup Factory 8.0 is completely hassle-free. Simply open up your Setup Factory 7.0 project file and go. That's it!
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