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Error 12031. The connection with the server was reset.

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  • Error 12031. The connection with the server was reset.

    First of all, I'd like to thank Indigo developers for writing such a good product. My Setup Factory installer was installed on thousands of different machines and it proved to be a very reliable product, especially when it comes to downloading files via countless firewalls.

    I'm having a problem with one machine though. There are several machines in the office network, all of them having access to the internet. My installer can't download a single file on one of the machines. It's able to successfully establish internet connection, locate the file and start downloading the external components located on my company's web server. Once a file is downloaded to about 71k, the connection to web server is terminated with error 12031 - "the connection with the server was reset". The error repeats for each file the installer tries to download. Here is what I know:

    1. Several other machines on the same intranet were able to connect to the company's web server and download all required files without any issue - except one machine
    2. Third party anti virus/firewall and Windows firewall have been disabled
    3. The installer always establishes connection (HTTP, port 80), starts downloading, and manages to download at least a small part of a file (around 70k) before the connection is terminated
    4. The offending machine has Internet Explorer 6 and can browse internet just fine. No previous issues regarding partial downloading or network interruption were reported on the machine. It appears that the intranet works OK.

    Can anybody suggest anything? Any additional test to run on the offending machine? Any tweaks I can make on my hosting web server? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Can you download the file using a web browser?



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      Just got a reply from a client - they CAN NOT download the file using a web browser (IE6 in this case), but I didn't get the exact error from them yet.

      The client mentioned before that they do not use proxy.

      Do you think it's something with IE settings? Security? Maybe my server's url has to be added as an exception in their IE security settings?


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        this is a problem on the particular machine, not in the installer.
        See if it can download files in safe mode. Many firewalls & AV apps can't be truly disabled - they remain active even if the GUI says they are disabled. When Windows boots in safe mode, they'll (hopefully) not start at all.

        If it's IE related issue, add the server to the 'Local Intranet' zone, which is I think the most trusted one.

        Another way to handle such issues could be to add to your installer an option to get the files from another location. For example, if a file named url.ini exists in the same folder, get the files from the location specified in it instead of using the hardcoded location (or alternate location can be passed as a command line parameter etc.). This way if the app has to be installed on many company PC's, they can get the files from their intranet - which will be faster, no firewall issues, and will save you some bandwidth.


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          Thanks for your help guys. The inability to download a file directly via IE narrowed down the problem and eventually we determined that the client has a firewall that's silently refusing to allow any file download without throwing a single message. An exception was added to the firewall and this issue is now resolved.