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Archive Integrity Check Failed

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  • Archive Integrity Check Failed

    When I run my test setup (used just to test some functions of SUF80), I get the following message: "Archive Integrity Check failed. The setup file is not complete, possibly due to an incomplete download or corrupted file."

    This small test setup has nothing to do with a download. The Build Log says "Build completed successfully. 0 errors, 0 warnings."

    I dont know where to look for the problem. Please, somebody, HELP.


  • #2
    are you running over a network share or something like vmware's 'shared folders'?

    if you're building to a single exe -- does it wor on the system you built it on?


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      I am building to single exe. Building a very small setup.exe, just to text the behavior of some actions. It was no trouble to delete everything, re-enter and rebuild. This time - no problem. So I'll never know what the original problem was. I just hope I don't encounter it again.