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  • Adding Language Files

    When I add my self-defined language files (xml), they add to the list fine and the bespoke path is displayed. If I re-visit the languages input panel, the list is still fine, no complaints from SUF. However, if I close SUF down, restart it and open the same Project, the languages input panel no longer shows the path to the xml files but instead shows "[Same as Default Language]" ~ meaning the files do not exist? Any one know how to work-around this issue?

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    Copy your custom language files into the #SUFDIR#\Languages folder. The Import option appears to be broken - the full path to the language file isn't being stored in the project file. Not working properly in version 9 either, so I am logging this issue to be looked into.



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      Thanks Ulrich, I guessed SUF 9 would be lacking too, it's the one feature of SUF that really cries out for modernisation.

      It should be possible to multi-select in the Add New Language list - ridiculous having to select the add button, select a language, select OK, then repeat.

      Also needs the ability to copy and paste the languages list from one Project to another, as you can with Screens for example.

      I could write an enormous list but really the whole approach to handling languages needs an overhaul.