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Dependency Module: MyODBC 3.51

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  • Dependency Module: MyODBC 3.51

    Dependency Module: MyODBC 3.51
    Last Revision: March 10, 2006

    Use the MyODBC 3.51 dependency module with Setup Factory 7.0 to detect and install the MyODBC Driver version 3.51.

    Background Information
    MySQL Connector/ODBC (also known as MyODBC) allows you to connect to a MySQL database server using the ODBC database API on all Microsoft Windows and most Unix platforms, including through such applications and programming environments such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Borland Delphi.

    Installation Instructions
    To make the MyODBC 3.51 dependency module available in your Setup Factory 7.0 projects, follow the steps below:
    1. Close Setup Factory 7.0, if it is running.
    2. Browse to the folder where Setup Factory 7.0 is installed on your system. By default it is C:\Program Files\Setup Factory 7.0.
    3. Open the folder called Dependencies.
    4. Unzip the contents of (see bottom of article) into the dependencies folder.
    5. Create a subfolder of Dependencies and name it myodbc351.
    6. Download the MyODBC 3.51 installation file (, and extract Setup.exe into the myodbc351 subfolder.
    7. Restart Setup Factory 7.0.

    To use your new dependency module, select Resources > Dependencies from the main menu and click the Add button. MyODBC 3.51 should now be visible in the list of available modules.

    Information Links

    Module Name: MyODBC 3.51
    Type: Setup Factory 7.0 Dependency Module
    Created By: Terry Rogers (10/03/2006)
    Last Revision: March 10, 2006
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    WOW! thanks Terry.

    Great module :yes

    Adam Kapilik