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Dependency Module: DirectX9 (C)

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  • Dependency Module: DirectX9 (C)

    Last Revision: October 1, 2004 (001)

    Use the DirectX 9 (C) dependency module with Setup Factory 7.0 to detect and install runtime files required by applications dependent on DirectX 9(c) and below.
    Note: Please direct any questions/comments/suggestions regarding this module to the author (SUF6NEWBIE).

    Background Information
    All programs depending on Microsoft DirectX require that it be installed on every system running the software. These files include:
    • dsetup32.dll
    • DSETUP.dll
    • dxsetup.exe
    • ManagedDX.CAB

    Installation Instructions
    To make the DirectX 9(C) dependency module available in your Setup Factory 7.0 projects, follow the steps below:
    1. Close Setup Factory 7.0, if it is running.
    2. Browse to the folder where Setup Factory 7.0 is installed on your system. By default it is C:\Program Files\Setup Factory 7.0.
    3. Open the folder called Dependencies.
    4. Unzip the contents of (see bottom of article) into the dependencies folder.
    5. Create a subfolder of Dependencies and name it DirectX9C.
    6. Download the DirectX 9(C) redistribution pack (directx_9c_redist.exe) into a temporary directory.
    7. Extract the files from the downloaded file directx_9c_redist.exe into the DirectX9C subfolder of Dependencies.
    8. Restart Setup Factory 7.0.

    To use your new dependency module, select Resources > Dependencies from the main menu and click the Add button. DirectX 9 (C) should now be visible in the list of available modules.

    Module Name: DirectX 9 (C)
    Type: Setup Factory 7.0 Dependency Module
    Created By: SUF6NEWBIE
    Last Revision: October 1, 2004 (001)
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    DirectX 9C Module - Usage Tips

    You can reduce the Directx 'file overhead' for 'custom' builds
    by adhearing to the below 'safe' file disclusion(not selected) methods..

    (you need to have the correct Os detection or 'filtering in your custom build)

    If ONLY SPECIFICALLY targeting NT Based Operating systems(2000 or later):
    you can 'deselect (not include) the file named "".

    If ONLY SPECIFICALLY targeting NON NT Based systems(98 - ME):
    you can 'deselect (not include) the files named directly below:

    FOR ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS...below file is NOT required unless you
    have a specific requirement:

    Using the above as a guide you can safely reduce Custom Module 'Build' overhead by at least 50%.
    Remember you must have the Correct Os Filtering.
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      Updated Dependancy Module - DirectX9C_Feb2007

      I've updated-created a module for the most recent Directx9 redistibutable

      this module detects for the Feb2007 runtime files.

      1a. Installation - extracts the redistributable binaries, checks for error codes -

      1b. Silently installs the runtime files with error code checks and reboot detection

      report any testing bugs enhancements etc here..

      the Download link for the redistributable is in the information section of the module

      Download and extract the DirectX9C_Feb2007.xml file from below zip
      into the Root of SUF7 Dependencies\ folder
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        I have enhanced the return code checks for the Feb 2007 module,

        I have also created a 'Download and Install' Mod for the above.

        if interested here they be:

        (fwiw: the reason I spent the time on the FEB 2007 redistributable is it overhauls
        directx and provides the latest enhancements and dxsetup.exe fixes etc to directx 9)
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          Updated Dependancy Modules - DirectX9C_Nov2007

          Note: these modules only support Windows XP RTM and all later OSs
          (now uses an NTdll.dll minimum supported version for Os detection)

          report any issues here - stating which module :yes
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            small fix : changed the 'test net connection' url
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              Updated Dependancy Module - DirectX9C_June2010 release

              Updated Download and Install Dependancy Module - DirectX9C_June2010 release

              The download and install module has been updated with
              enhanced 'dxsetup' error table and different OS detection script

              Note: this module supports the full redistributable package only.

              Note: Scripted to not support Windows 8 (6.2)

              Tested with SUF 8 and SUF 9 (x86 runtime) - dxsetup is 32 bit anyway.

              Read the supported OSs in the Module description please.

              (there will be no more updates or revisions to these modules from me)
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